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Come Back Kid

2008-05-10 17:12:11 by BlackTigerPro

Well not that anyone reads this, I'm sure anyone who was previously intrested in Onmitsu isn't anymore. I know I have not released any information on it up till now. But I ran into some script problems and animation hang ups. Anyways Onmitsu is still a wip and I do hope to finish it.
In other news I've taken on a few other projects for some friends so expect to see them soon. One is "Dead Fog" written and directed by Tarienn from Aura Core and animated by yours truly. And a green hornet spin off that I'm not at liberty to speak any further on. I'll be getting more active in the coming months because I'm getting ready to go to college and I need to build on my portpholio. Ah well thanks for reading, its people like you, that really keep me intrested in this. *


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2010-01-17 17:26:42

Get back here damnit! I need you to animated Onmitsu and Dead Fog. We need you, you tard!


2010-02-08 17:38:05

lol see anything has to do with Alex jones gets deleted here because you know why? he has no credit and he gets debunked oh SOO easily.

BlackTigerPro responds:

I apologize dude you where right alex jones is complete fear mongering douche bag. I got caught up in his hype and felt the need to tell everyone. I completely agree with you now having actually read further into his garbage. Hope there are no hard feelings. Granted this is late coming lol.